Billiard Cue, Pool, Classic G-04, Irish Linen, quick release

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The Classic G cue are a very special series for advanced players, which combines sporty design and hi-tech to a great overall concept.

Precision assembled and made from high quality maple wood, the cues can even be compared with much more expensive ones. For its sporty look, the cue features a complex ornamental design and several nickel-silver rings.

The shaft of the Classic G cues is fitted with a tried and tested 13mm 6 layer adhesive leather tip. To keep a firm hand on the cue, it features a black irish linen wrap, that also avoids slipping and enhances cue ball control. Shaft and butt can be joined stable with the stainless steel quick-release thread.


  • made of selected maple wood
  • 6 layer 13mm tip
  • nickel silver Rings
  • stainless steel quick-release thread
  • incl. joint protectors

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