Billiard Table Dynamic Bern, mahogany, Pool, 8 ft, Simonis 760 grey

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The Dynamic Bern billiard table is masterly crafted and has an elegant design.

It features rails, made of solid wood, a premium, three-part slate plate, professional rubber cushions and tournament quality billiard cloth. All of which ensures smooth and exact ball roll and precise rebound properties. A practical, built-in drawer provides plenty of storage room to keep your precious cues safe.

The excellent billiard table Dynamic Bern guarantees lots of enjoyment.

  • cushions made of birchwood
  • with drawer for storage of cues and balls
  • D.B.O. Professional rubber cushions
  • leather pockets
  • club cloth included (colour like the picture, may differ though)

8 ft.:

  • sideboards and legs made of fibreboard
  • 3-Pcs slate: 20 mm
  • playfield: 224x112 cm
  • table size: 254x142x80 cm
  • required space for perfect play: 536x423 cm
  • packed in 6 boxes + 3-Pcs slate
  • Total weight: 332,3 kg (Table: 148 kg, Slate: 175 kg, Tara: 9,3 kg)

9 ft.:

  • sideboards and legs made of MDF
  • 3-Pcs slate: 25mm
  • playfield: 254x126 cm
  • table size: 284x157x80 cm
  • required space for perfect play: 564x237 cm
  • packed in 6 boxes + 3-Pcs slate:
  • Total weight: 454,3 kg (Table: 161 kg, Slate: 283 kg, Tara: 10,3 kg)

Assembly Instructions 8 ft. (PDF-Datei 0.5 MB)

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